Please note: Magnum Foundation will not be accepting applications for the Photography & Human Rights Fellowship for the Summer of 2016. This year will be spent working with the current network of Fellows on collaborative projects. Applications for the 2017 Fellowship will open in the Fall of 2016.


Every year, Magnum Foundation offers scholarships for participation in an intensive, six week program at New York University (NYU) in New York City.  Students will explore strategies for creating effective visual stories with the aim of advancing Human Rights in their home counties. Read about the experiences and work of 2014 Fellows Mohammed ElshamySumeja TulicPedro Silveira and Abbas Hajimohammadi.


2011 HR Fellow, Taslima Ahkter. Final Embrace, Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh. 24th April 2013.


WHO is eligible to apply?

> Young and emerging photographers, journalists, students and/or activists who are:
> Living and working outside of North America and Western Europe
> Have never studied photography in North America or Western Europe
> Have a strong command of the English language
> Are deeply committed to advancing human rights in their home countries


WHAT do I need to apply?

> 1 photographic essay highlighting a human rights issue in your home country
> Captions for all photographs
> 3 essay-question responses
> A resume


WHAT does the Fellowship include?

> Full tuition (6 credits)
> Living accommodations at NYU
> Travel to New York and around the city
> A food stipend


WHEN does the Fellowship take place?

> The Fellowship takes place in the summer of 2015, exact dates to be announced in January 2015.



2010 HR Fellow Sim Chi Yin. “Big Rain” (“da yu” in Mandarin), 21, a KTV lounge worker, decorated his basement room with a happy display of balloons. He lives in room A12 of a basement beneath Beijing’s north Third Ring Road.


The Photography & Human Rights Program is co-organized by Magnum Foundation and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

>Students take three courses:

  1. A studio course, where students develop a photographic essay on a local human rights issue in New York City
  2. A lecture course, where students examine the strengths and weaknesses of the photographic medium in effecting positive social change
  3. A discussion and writing course, where students learn from guest lecturers from the fields of photojournalism, media and law.

> Students study under Susan Meiselas/Magnum and Fred Ritchin



Two scholarships, supported by Open Society Foundations, are awarded to photographers working in China and Egypt. An additional scholarship, funded by the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation, is given to a female photographer working and living in the Middle East. The other scholarships for 2015 are not country-specific.


For more information about the program, please visit the program’s web page through NYU


2015 Human Rights Fellows



Past participants have gone on to become a stringer for The New York Times in China, a regular contributor to TIME reporting on events in Bangladesh, and a winner of the Prince Claus Award for exemplary photo activism in Kenya, among many other achievements.

2015 Fellows
Anastasia Vlasova, 22, Ukraine
Basel Alyazouri, 19, Palestine
Chery Dieu Nalio, 33, Haiti
Muyi Xiao, 23, China
Nour Kelze, 27, Syria
Sipho Mpongo, 22, South Africa
Xyza Cruz Bacani, 27, Philippines

2014 Fellows

Abbas Hajimohammadi, 30, Iran
Loubna Mrie, 22, Syria
Mohammed Elshamy, 19, Egypt
Pedro Silveira, 29, Brazil
Sumeja Tulic, 28, Bosnia
Yuyang Liu, 22, China

2013 Fellows

Eman Helal, 27, Egypt
Lijie Zhang, 31, China
Pattabi Raman, 37, India
Ramin Mazur, 25, Moldova
Santiago Arcos, 21, Ecuador

2012 Fellows
Poulomi Basu, 29, India
Arthur Bondar, 28, Ukraine
Liu Jie, 30, China
Pooyan Tabatabaei, 28, Iran

2011 Fellows

Taslima Akhter, 37, Bangladesh
Nazik Armenakyan, 34, Armenia
Boniface Mwangi, 27, Kenya
Manca Juvan Hessabi, 30, Slovenia

2010 Fellows

Karen Mirzoyan, 27, Armenia
Sim Chi Yin, 32, Singapore


(splash image © Nour Kelze)

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